Cricket betting at Satsport247

Satsport247 cricket betting is one of the most popular activities among online bettors. Contested professionally, this old sport can be compared with baseball, but it still comes with peculiarities that give you an exciting experience.

With a wide range of cricket events at Satsport247

How to bet on cricket at Satsport247?

At Satsport 247, you should register to place bets on cricket with real money. The registration procedure is simple. When it is completed, you can place bets by following the next steps:

  1. Login Satsport247 personal account by entering your username and password.
  2. Click the “Deposit” button in the header and enter the required data in the form to make a deposit.
  3. If you want to claim a deposit bonus, do it right now and attach a payment proof screenshot.
  4. Click the “Submit” button and check your balance to make sure that you have cash.
  5. Go to the “Sports” section in the top menu of the home page and click “Cricket” (it should be displayed by default).
  6. Look through the competitions displayed and select an event that you are interested in.
  7. Read the rules, see the available betting markets, and find out bet limits by clicking “I” over the event.
  8. When you are ready, click the odds next to the event name.
  9. Fill out the bet slip displayed on the screen and click “Place a bet.”

Easy way to start betting on cricket via Satsport247

Types of cricket betting at Satsport247

Only one team of two participating can win a cricket match. But an outcome can also be a tied match, draw, or abandoned competition. Thus, you have to decide on the outcome that suits you most and place a bet on one of the cricket markets, like:

  • Correct outcome of the match;
  • Fall of the next wicket;
  • Performance of batters/bowlers, etc.

At Satsport247, you can combine your selections and place a bet that includes several guesses about various outcomes. The more complex the bet structure, the higher the odds and the higher the risks, as you understand. You should be sure of your cricket predictions, preferring a complicated bet format.

There are established types of bets allowed by the Satsport247.

Betting typeDescription
SingleThis type does not offer huge payouts. It covers only one outcome of one event. It is the most popular bet as it is simple and more frequently won. The only drawback is a low return due to comparatively low odds.
ParlayThis type means that you should place at least two bets and arrange them as one. You will get payouts only if all the bets on a bet slip are guessed correctly. Here, it is quite difficult to hit the house. But the odds are high.
SystemThis type is a set of several parlays. There must be at least three events on the bet slip. If one parlay in the pool wins, you will get payouts. If all the parlays in the pool win, you get the sum of the payouts from the bookmaker.

At Satsport247 users can explore various types of cricket betting options

Live cricket betting

If you are experienced enough to get involved in placing live bets in cricket, you can easily do it at Satsport247. The option allows you to make assumptions about the match’s final and main points after the event starts. It is suggested that you watch a streamed match in real-time and decide at the best moment when your prediction is likely to be true due to a clear understanding of current trends. Here, you can count on high odds.

To start live betting on cricket at Satsport247, you should:

  1. Log in to your Satsport247 account.
  2. Click the “In Play” section in the top navigation menu.
  3. Select “Cricket” and choose a competition in which you would like to take part.
  4. Watch the match and place bets at any moment until it is over.

In this Satsport247 section, you will find almost the same cricket events available for pre-match bets, including the Abu Dhabi T10 League.

Satsport247 provides a dynamic and interactive platform for live cricket betting

Which championships and leagues can to bet on cricket?

You will find more than 20 cricket events at the Satsport247. All of them are available to place pre-match bets. You definitely should understand the cricket championships and their history before making a choice.

InternationalTwenty20 International
India, UAELegends League Cricket
United Arab EmiratesABU Dhabi T10

You can consider the Abu Dhabi T10 League, with matches that last for about 90 minutes each. It is held in the United Arab Emirates and is owned by T-Ten Sports Management. Or you can prefer a Twenty20 International played by international teams—members of the International Cricket Council, founded in 1909. Here, a cricket competition is arranged according to the highest standards. If you want to place bets on your favorite and retired athletes, you should look through the events of the Twenty20 Cricket League.

At Satsport247 yo can bet on a wide range of championships and leagues from around the world

Cricket betting basics and strategies

To succeed in cricket betting, you should apply strategies that will help you make the right prediction and reduce losses if they are still wrong. Integrate a few recommendations into your betting practice:

  • Understand the basics of the sport. You should know the cricket rules and players to make reasoned predictions and refuse to guess randomly. It is vital to do research and use resources where experts share their related opinions;
  • Consider the sports markets. If you want to bet on cricket and get a profit, you should understand cricket betting markets. If the outcome looks possible, this selection will come with the lowest odds. Commonly, high odds are associated with underdog outcomes. It means that if your guess is right, you will get a higher payout;
  • Manage your bankroll. Establish a betting budget that you are ready to lose. It is vital to avoid emotional betting. If you find it difficult, you can set bet or deposit limits on the site.

Explore the basics of cricket betting and develop effective strategie

Why choose Satsport247 for cricket betting?

Satsport247 is a secure and reputable online betting platform developed for Indian users. That is why it is focused on clients’ needs first of all. The site is available in Hindi. It provides free access to lots of the bookmaker’s products and services. To benefit from all the options and features, you should register. You will appreciate the advantages, which include:

  • Diverse cricket events, various betting markets, high odds;
  • High level of protection of users’ data;
  • Almost instant auto-withdrawal;
  • Adaptive mobile app and mobile version;
  • Favorable promotional offers, including a first-time deposit bonus;
  • Round-the-clock customer support team.

Advantages of Satsport247 for cricket betting


Can I amend my pre-match bet after I’ve placed it on a cricket tournament at Satsport247?

If your pre-match bet is confirmed, you cannot amend or cancel it, regardless of the sports discipline.

What payment methods could I use for Satsport247 cricket betting in India?

To top up your Satsport247 balance, you can use UPI, PhonePe, PayTM, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and other payment methods popular in India.

Is there a minimum deposit to claim the first-time deposit bonus for betting at Satsport247?

Yes, there is. You should make your first deposit of at least 500 INR, and then you will get 100% of this amount (up to INR 10,000).