Soccer betting at Satsport247

Satsport247 soccer betting is available in two formats: pre-match and live. Indian players can choose from lots of events and betting markets. To start placing bets and try to win real money, you should register on the bookmaker’s site and claim a welcome bonus to increase your winning chances.

How to bet on soccer at Satsport247?

At Satsport 247, it is suggested that you choose from numerous soccer events within legendary championships and leagues. When you go to the “Sports” section, you can see the list of events, each supported by a brief overview, which includes the key information that you need to make the right suggestion and win.

To place a bet on the soccer event, you should:

  1. Register on the Satsport247 site and/or log in to your account.
  2. Click the “Deposit” button in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Fill out the displayed form and attach a payment proof screenshot.
  4. Click the “Submit” button to confirm a deposit.
  5. Open the “Sports” section in the Satsport247 top menu.
  6. Choose “Soccer” in the on-page menu and look through the events displayed.
  7. Click on an event that you want to participate in, get acquainted with betting markets, and read the rules.
  8. Click the “I” button to know the limits for a bet value.
  9. Return to the event and specify the odds you prefer.
  10. Get a bet slip displayed and fill out the empty fields on it, mentioning a bet value.
  11. Confirm your decision by clicking “Place a bet.”

Types of soccer betting at Satsport247

Soccer is a popular sport in India that comes with the widest range of betting markets, like:

  • Match result;
  • Both teams to score;
  • First team to score;
  • Double chance;
  • Handicap;
  • Over/under total goals;
  • Correct score, etc.

With Satsport247, you can place bets of various types on the above-mentioned betting markets. Here is a reason to think twice before you choose because it impacts the probability of your winnings.

Betting typeDescription
SingleThis is a bet on the single outcome of the soccer event. If your prediction is right, you’ll get your reward, which is calculated as the product of your bet amount and the applied odds.
Accumulator (parlay)You should place bets on several outcomes of unrelated events. If every prediction is accurate, you will win. If even a single bet loses, you will get nothing at all.
SystemIn this case, you place several parlay bets. Even if one of them wins, you will win an amount equal to the product of the bet value and the odds. If several bets win, you will get the total of the products calculated as described.

Live soccer betting

At Satsport247, live soccer betting is available 24/7. You can watch a match and place a bet on various outcomes at any moment from its beginning to benefit from the higher odds. This option allows for a more accurate prediction that considers current trends. You should be quite experienced and informed of the sport and teams that participate in a match to benefit from this option.

In this category, the bookmaker offers the following soccer events, but is not limited to:

  • English Premier League;
  • English FA Cup;
  • Danish 1st Division, etc.

To see all the available soccer events at the moment, open the “In Play” section in the top menu and go to “Soccer,” where you can choose an event on a popped-down championship list.

Which championships and leagues can to bet on soccer?

There are over 50 soccer events available at the Satsport247 sportsbook. You can take part in local and international competitions. 

There are matches arranged by the Premier League, a private company with 20 independent member clubs that make up the League. Or you can consider the soccer events of the UEFA Nations League, international competitions played by members of the association, and senior national teams. If you like spectacular and tactical soccer, you should place a bet on a match in the Italian Serie A.

The soccer events that you can find at Satsport247 are listed in the table below.

EnglandPremier League
EnglandFA Cup
ItalySerie A
RomaniaLiga I
TurkeySuper League
Denmark1st Division
Saudi ArabiaProfessional League
InternationalFriendlies Women’s
InternationalUEFA Nations League Women

Soccer betting basics and strategies

Due to an extensive offering of soccer matches and betting markets, you should get some idea about the available soccer competitions. It makes sense to follow a popular choice. Or you can make your own selection based on your current research.

Once you’ve chosen the soccer event, you should pick the match and decide on the sports market, odds, betting type, and bet value. The task is not as easy as it seems if you want your bet to win. Consider a few strategies that help you make informed decisions:

  • If you are a beginner, you’d better place a single bet, even if the odds are the lowest of all. The point is that parlay and system soccer bets are rather complex to win due to their peculiar structures. But they are tempting because of the high odds;
  • Basic soccer strategy includes analysis of a match, teams, athletes, their injuries, and all relevant factors that can impact the outcome, including the weather conditions. It would be wise to focus on one competition, find a reliable expert over the Internet, and gain a deep understanding of the event and/or team;
  • For more advanced bettors, there is valuable soccer betting. You should place bets with a positive expected value when the potential return is higher than the risk of losing. It involves some calculations, which allow you to compare the odds that can provide you with an expected profit with the odds offered by the bookmaker;
  • You should pay attention to alternative Satsport247 betting markets. If the odds for the soccer event are not favorable, you can look for another one with better odds.

Why should you choose Satsport247 for soccer betting?

Satsport247 is a fully automated betting website that provides registered Indian users with access to a variety of sports disciplines. It is simple to use due to the intuitive interface with an uncluttered layout. The registration process is simple; an auto-deposit and an auto-withdrawal are almost instant. There are useful options to pick from to enhance the user experience. The other reasons to register here for betting on soccer matches are as follows:

  • Diversity of bet types and soccer markets available;
  • Convenient live betting option;
  • Generous welcome bonus;
  • Fast and simple verification;
  • Friendly customer support team.


How much should I deposit for Satsport247 soccer betting?

The minimum deposit at Satsport247 is 500 INR.

Is there a welcome bonus for the Satsport247 sportsbook?

You can claim a 100% welcome betting bonus in the “Promotion” section or when you make your deposit by entering the promo code in the deposit form.

How can I see the history of my bets at Satsport247?

When you activate any soccer event in the Satsport247 “Sports” section, you will see a brief review of your bets in the right-side information area. It includes your average odds, matched bets, and unmatched bets.